“Static” Comments with Gulp, Hugo & Netlify

Detailed description: https://ttntm.me/blog/static-blog-comments-hugo/

GitHub: https://github.com/ttntm/hugo-comments


The comments posted are handled by Netlify Forms and get processed there according to this flowchart: https://bpm.wiki/diagram/Static-comments-with-Netlify-94

During the build process, the comments are obtained from Netlify Forms via their API and put into a comments.json file by Gulp. In order to make this work on localhost environments, don’t forget that you’ll need an .env file within the project directory that stores the necessary Form ID and API Token for your own Netlify setup.

Based on: https://css-tricks.com/jamstack-comments/

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Posted at: Sat, 08 Aug. 2020, 22:25 UTC By: hello

hello world

Posted at: Tue, 04 Aug. 2020, 17:10 UTC By: Brady Hurlburt

Testing out. Looks great. I think I'll fork this repo as a starting point for a project. Thanks!

Posted at: Tue, 14 Apr. 2020, 13:51 UTC By: ttntm

Updated the styling of this demo site today.

Posted at: Fri, 28 Feb. 2020, 16:43 UTC By: mirek


Posted at: Fri, 28 Feb. 2020, 16:42 UTC By: mirek


Posted at: Thu, 03 Oct. 2019, 07:18 UTC By: Tom

Removed external build automation, tried the same with a Netlify notification that triggers on form submissions.

Posted at: Mon, 02 Sep. 2019, 12:07 UTC By: Wald Meister

Testing the BaseURL reset

Posted at: Mon, 02 Sep. 2019, 09:42 UTC By: Freak Azoid

This comment was created afterr setting up the auto-deploy zap. It should appear within an hour.

Posted at: Mon, 02 Sep. 2019, 09:14 UTC By: Bert Rahm

Let's see what happens to the second comment. Already curious...

Posted at: Mon, 02 Sep. 2019, 08:38 UTC By: Sepp Schnorcher

This is a test comment to see if this works. Wish me luck.